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Social WiFi provides a frustration-free way for customers to access your WiFi network

Risk Free. See For Yourself.

Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.

No commitments.


SMART WiFi - Plug and play system that broadcast a "free company name WiFi" signal using your existing business WiFi router. Your customers easily log in with no password, you collect all their info (name, email, number, social profile, age & gender) and the system automatically gets them back in the door spending money while increasing your social following at the same time.



Unlock the power of Smart WiFi

Transforming WiFi networks into revenue generating machines through deep analytics, customer insights, targeted marketing and advertising.

Good For Any Industry

Restaurants and bars

Bars, restaurants and hotels can increase revenue, update guests and add value to venues

Hotels & Salons

Bars, restaurants, hotels and salons can increase revenue, update guests and add value to venues

Retail and malls

Increase revenue, update shoppers and encourage social engagement

Stadiums, Leisure & Festivals

Improve the fan experience with live updates, in-game advertising and partnership

Social login & Boost

A frustration-free way for guests to access your WiFi network


Nobody wants to complete lengthy sign up forms or go through multiple pages to get online.

Deliver an immediate social media boost through our social WiFi experience. When guest access your free WiFi they are immediately redirected to the business social media page or website.


  • Increase social media page likes & followers
  • Increase social media post views
  • Increase viral impressions, likes, sharing and comments

Benefits of Social WiFi

Promote your business & communicate with your customers on a whole new level automatically

Guests are able to access fast, secure Internet through social WiFi logins

Immediately boost your social profile and presence to a wider network

Social login available through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

Drive key engagement metrics including reach, likes and shares

Easily promote offers and events to

existing and potential customers


Create a custom WiFi login splash page to match your brand, showcase your merchandise or promote daily deals and upcoming events.


Your dashboard Insights tracks the number of customers in your business automatically, giving you insights about visit tendencies along with other easy to use functions to create automated marketing campaigns and digital coupons.


A few benefits of WiFi analytics and getting to know and understand your customers.

Website Analytics for the real, physical world

Measure email and SMS campaign performance

Understand how demographics move in your space

Create highly targeted marketing campaigns

Measure the dwell time of visitors in your venue

Easily access real-time data at a venue, company or group level

Connecting with your WiFi data


We seamlessly integrate with other business platforms to save you time

Automated Email & SMS Campaigns


Send targeted messages from the WiFi data which you collect automatically with pre programed campaigns to get your customers coming back and track your campaigns performance within our custom dashboard

Benefits of Email & SMS Marketing

Here’s a few benefits of using your guest WiFi to access data and send communications

Automatically send welcome or thank you emails or SMS messages upon login or next day

Send personalized coupons offering a discount on their birthday meal.

Automatically reward local customers by using your SMART WiFi as a loyalty program

System will automatically alert non returning customers to get them back in the door with preprogrammed messages or offers

Easily promote offers and events to

existing and potential customers

Empower your marketing team to create complex campaigns